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Local Mold Testing & Consulting Company for Residential & Commercial

Mold Inspection, Mold Testing in Wilmington, North Carolina

If you suspect that your Wilmington home or business may have a mold problem, Falcon Restoration specializes in mold testing. We can help you find any mold that may exist, and identify what kind of mold it is.


Our Wilmington NC Mold Inspection Experts Specialize In: Mold Remediation, Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Toxic Mold Removal, Black Mold Removal, Mold Abatement, Mold Prevention, Water Damage, Water Extraction And Indoor Air Quality.

Our Professional Mold Inspection And Testing Services in the Wilmington Area Include: Mold Testing Of The Surfaces And Air (Air Quality Testing)


Indoor Allergen Testing And Assessment
Leak Detection And Moisture Testing
Infrared Inspection & Survey / Infrared Thermal Imaging Assessment
Mold Assessment And Mold Mitigation Of The Property
Water Damage Assessment And Mitigation
Laboratory Analysis Of Mold Samples Taken
Complete Review Of Findings And Laboratory Report
Recommendations For Repair And Remediation


A Mold Inspection With Mold Testing By A Certified Mold Inspector Provides A Proper Assessment Of A Property Experiencing Suspect Mold Growth And Mold Infestation. Whether It's Home Mold, Mold And Mildew In Your Office, Or Toxic Mold In Your Industrial Facility, We Can Determine The Extent Of The Problem So You Can Make An Informed Decision On Resolution.